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I am grateful to Kathleen for moving her deft hand across my work. Her copyediting is scalpel sharp, she is acutely observant to the big picture, and her delivery, although kind, is unflinchingly honest and inspiring. I have learned from her, plenty.
— Meghan Piercy, Protective Species Observer pecking away on a book; SPJ Student Journalism Mark of Excellence Award Magazine Non-Fiction Article
Dear friends, acquaintances, writers, and browsers of Kathleen Meyer’s Web site,

I’m a fiction writer who has just discovered Kathleen’s brilliant talent to edit and advise! I highly recommend her for all types of editsā€•developmental, content, line, and proofreading. She’ll save you hours of revising and polishing your work, especially if you need fresh eyes on manuscripts, plot lines, characterizations, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and style. You will receive valuable and thorough lessons, even if you think you know all you need to know from your own education and experience. Trust me. I’ve had four Editor’s Choice award novels published, and I am supremely grateful for the new ideas and insights I’m gleaning from working with Kathleen! “Go easy on the exclamation marks,” she says, but I’m reserving the privilege of using them in this reference blurb to describe her extraordinary skills!!

— Elizabeth Cain, Author
I am a public librarian who has worked with Kathleen Meyer in many capacities since 2003. She helped my late husband proofread and edit his work of fiction as well as numerous non-fiction articles. He was a professional writer who was very pleased with her work. Personally, I have worked with Kathleen on several projects in which she edited my press releases, email alerts, Web site announcements, speaker forum agendas, presentation scripts, and newspaper articles. My experience has been that Kathleen is exceptional in her editing skills, especially in her ability to articulate complex messages that are easily understood by the average reader. Additionally, her response time to my sometimes last minute requests was excellent. I highly recommend Kathleen Meyer as an editor and a writer.
— Amy Leach, North Valley Public Library
I am a writer and writing student of Kathleen’s, wonder woman extraordinaire. The piece I gave her to “spit & polish” was, I thought, near perfect. Ha! After a short time she returned it to me marked up with lovely red squiggly lines. I swallowed hard, tried not to rebel, and read it carefully, trying to keep an open mind. No one likes to be edited, corrected, and told what to do or say, especially with an art form. Her deft spins and turns uncovered the descriptive words and correct structure hidden between the lines, and my true intent was brought into the light, transformed into a living, breathing story with legs that danced. Thank you, Kathleen!
— Marina Weatherly
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