TravelMate has closed shop


       Uri-Mate Protector


       Magic Cone by TravelMate, also closed

Solo Poop-Packing Systems


       RESTOP 2

       Cleanwaste/Go Anywhere Toilet Kit

          (aka Wag Bag)

       Biffy Bag



      Shhh!-it Kit

          (Please comment on prototype)

       Do-It-Yourself Poop Tube 

Women’s Discreet Fly-Front Clothing


     SHEWEE X-Fronts



The Outdoor Woman had a popular line of clothing with comfortable crotch openings, but the company appears to have vanished.

Pee Pants

    (I’ve not tried these. Pants with a hose.)

Excerpts from How to Shit in the Woods

Chapter 6, “For Women Only: How Not to Pee in Your Boots”

Now for a word, or a great bunch of words, on transformative feminine funnels, or FUDs (female urinary devices). These articles to facilitate a woman’s peeing come in disposable waterproof cardboard or washable reusable plastic, or silicone, and should by rights be available in every public toilet. With slight variations in shape, the principle is the same for all models. Funnels, elongated and elliptical, afford a comfortable fit between a woman’s legs and allows her to direct her stream. . . .

         No more staying dehydrated for fear of having to pee!

        . . . funnels, in recent years, have blossomed into a colorful bouquet of products, to the extent that you can color-coordinate or make a personal fashion statement. They sell to numerous joyous tunes: “no more tush in the bush,” “female freedom,” don’t take life sitting down,” “stand up and take control,” “banish bare bottoms,” “because life’s greatest adventure shouldn’t be finding a restroom.” So select you ditty and get weeing.

Excerpt from How to Shit in the Woods

Chapter 4, “Plight of the Solo Poop-Packer”

[Packing-it-out] is recommended where hole-digging is impossible or not ecological—say, for explorers gamboling into severe weather conditions, where dirt can’t be located or where the tent appears the only place to survive . . . for hikers in high-use areas, in an effort to keep those places sanitary and looking pristine; for sea kayakers and cavers or anyone visiting fragile ecosystems; for all the untidy Himalayan litterbugs; and for rock climbers (those uncouth beasts!).

The whole idea of FUDs is to facilitate stand-up peeing—without having to drop your drawers. Crotch-accessible clothing provides an advantage.

Disposable double-bagging systems are equipped with proprietary cosmic “poo powder” that is based on what NASA used in the Shuttle, and which conforms to EPA guidelines for disposal in the regular trash. But NOT for deposit in vault toilets or septic systems. Keep in mind that “biodegradable” is an unregulated and sketchy term, and there is much to learn about using these products. See Chapter 4.

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