Photo Legend (from top left, counterclockwise )

At the wheel, already!

Center top: A squeeze, Horseshoe Rapid, Upper Tuolumne, CA

Center bottom: Polkadots on the lovely Owyhee River, OR

Navigating Clavey Falls, Tuolumne River, CA

My Ferrari: Rom & Annie (father and daughter), 1st Place, Petalumas Butter & Eggs Day Parade

Consulting with Pancho & Lefty, at home in Montana

Driving Pancho and Lefty across Montana (Tobacco Root Range in background)

Rainy Falls Plunge, Rouge River, OR—the big drop of Augusts low water

Rollin in My Sweet Babys Arms, Clavey Camp

Celebratory Blitz beer after Rainey run

Photo credits: Horseshoe Rapid and Clavey Falls by Michael Fahey

Background photo: Glacier National Park   •   Website design by Rapid

© 2011 Author Kathleen Meyer  •  All Rights Reserved

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